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The River Murray has been returned to its best health in more than a decade following high flows that are proving a boon for flora and fauna, including trees, invertebrates, insects, fish, frogs and waterbirds.

Nationally, this year was Australia’s second-wettest winter on record, with rainfall 82 per cent above average for the season. It was followed by a wet spring, which included significant rainfall events across much of the catchment in September and October.

The river peaked in many places in November and December, with in-flows at the South Australian border reaching 95 gigalitres per day on November 30 – the highest flow since 1993.

The high flows have led to the inundation of hundreds of wetlands and floodplains, sparking a flora and fauna explosion from trees and groundcovers to insects, invertebrates, fish, frogs, birds and mammals.Read more...


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